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My Nan talked about the support and fun she shared with women in her local community, through getting together in each other’s homes or simply chatting over the garden fence. I think much of that sense of community has been lost in our busy lives today.

My retreats, talks and workshops, are a place to come together with other women… to enjoy, inspire and support one another.

Please keep watching this page for details of the dates, times and places of the Magical You events, all designed to help you to get the best out of your life. Including –


Your “BE” Time Retreat

Monday (early evening) 27th June to Friday (morning) 1st July 2016

Pembrokeshire, West Wales

 …get curious about what it means (and the depth of possibility that opens up) when you give yourself, time and space, to simply “be”… 

For some women – while life is good, and full of wonderful experiences – you rarely take time out from your day-to-day “busy-ness”, to deeply nurture yourself.

For other women, it’s much more challenging times, that mean you’re feeling depleted, and you’re longing for some “time out”… time to simply “be”, and to truly, fully, completely rest and relax.

Or, perhaps, you’re just not sure, where to begin, and how to find the deep fulfillment and lasting happiness you long for…you’re yearning to stop, and just “be” … away from daily routines.

At Your “BE” Time retreat, you will discover:

  • Why learning to “be”, is just as vital, if not much more so, than all the “doing” and “busy-ness” in our lives
  • Just how wonderful it feels, and what previously unseen possibilities arise, when you give yourself a permission slip to simply “be”, especially in the company of like-hearted women
  • Some simple ways to keep “being” at the heart of your day-to-day life – so you have resources to draw upon and you can feel calm and happy, no matter what life throws at you
  • The unique, and indescribable, magic of Pembrokeshire… time to enjoy the stunning location, the hot tub with views I can’t begin to put into words, as well as the incredible relaxation and nourishment the place exudes. This retreat is all about, enjoying, simply, “being”.

Places are limited to just 5 women.

(Includes single occupancy of either twin room or double rooms, all meals (delicious, nourishing and vegetarian) from dinner on Monday to breakfast on Friday, workshops together as a group, 1 to 1 time with me, and plenty of time for yourself, to rest and relax. Travel is not included)

Please book early to avoid disappointment by emailing me or calling me on 07803 951931



“BE” Time Group… Soulful sharing and support for feminine, free spirits

Saturday morning (monthly) 10am to 12noon

South East London

Do you wonder about how you can experience deeper fulfillment and true happiness?

Does the day-to-day busy-ness of life mean you never have time to stop, connect and explore what that means, for you?

Do you long for a safe and supportive environment, and to be in the presence of like-hearted women, so you can delve into the true beauty and possibility for your life and be held in your realising it?

My “BE” Time Group is a place for you to come and connect with other women, in a real and wholehearted way, to support you to express all of who you are, and so fulfil your most cherished goals, desires and highest potential.

Conversation and sharing is the foundation, along with heartfelt support to inspire action and conscious growth and expansion in all areas of your life.

Places are limited.

Please book early to avoid disappointment by emailing me or calling me on 07803 951931


“Live Your Happy!”…

Dates and venues to be confirmed. I welcome your enquiries, and, if you would like to host a “Live Your Happy! Salon” in your own home (inviting a small group of your dear friends), or, at your favourite choice of venue, I’d be delighted to hear from you. 

…get curious about feeling good (because feeling good is closer then you think, and guess what, that changes everything)

Many women – while things may look fine on the outside – are not experiencing true fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

For some it’s the heavy weight of to-do lists, “have tos,” and overwhelm of day-to-day life that takes over and they wonder if it is truly possible to have the life they really want to have. Others feel stuck, disconnected, and even a deep sense of aloneness. Something just doesn’t feel right, yet they don’t know how to move forward or even if they have it in them to do so.

In this talk, you will discover:

  • The two biggest reasons you may not feel true fulfillment (even if things seem like they “should” be great)
  • Why most women don’t dare to believe life can truly be all they want – and what you can do now, on a real and practical level, to actually have it on an ongoing basis
  • One simple tool to know when you’re on the right path – from the smallest of day to day decisions to the bigger life choices – so you develop a deep trust in yourself and can feel safe and secure, no matter what life throws at you

For all talks, please book in advance by emailing or calling 07803 951931


“Making Magic Workshop” … it’s all about having the life you truly desire

Come along and discover what it is you truly, truly want for your life (I know it can be tricky to really know sometimes)… and, learn how to create it.

It starts with you saying “YES!” to yourself!

Dates – Please ask me when the next workshop is happening

Place – Hither Green, South East London, and Newport, Pembrokeshire

Price – £37

Please watch my video to discover more