Events & Workshops

My Nan talked about the support and fun she shared with women in her local community through getting together in each other’s homes or simply chatting over the garden fence. I think much of that sense of community has been lost in our busy lives.

My events and workshops are a place to come together… to enjoy, learn and inspire each other, and, of course, to benefit from all I have to share.

Keep watching this page for details of the dates, times and places of the Magical You events, all designed to inspire and support you to get the best out of your life. Including –

“Making Magic Workshop” all about having what you want for your life

Come along and discover what it is you truly, truly want for your life (I know it can be tricky to know), AND, learn how to have it.

It starts with you saying “Yes!” to yourself!

Dates – Please ask me about when the next workshop is happening

Place – Hither Green, South East London

Price – £37

Watch my video to find out more

The ladies who’ve already done this workshop say,

“The Making Magic Workshop has had an incredible effect and impact on my life and I am so very grateful to you. I enjoyed the session immensely and feel so much better about my current personal situation. It was an amazing, positive and uplifting morning. You have given me strength and more importantly the vision to work towards a new future. This is said from the heart.” Libby


“Thank you for a really thought provoking session last Saturday, I am still reeling but feeling inspired by the whole experience. I am using the tools you shared with us. New orders received yesterday. I have started reading the book you recommended and magically some funds appeared from nowhere to cover the first installment for my new website!! What can I say Catherine!!!! In fact, I won’t say anything, I will just believe!!” Carolyn


“I really enjoyed my workshop with Catherine. I have used the Law of Attraction for many years and it was good to share and also re-enforce some of these rules.  It also helped me get clear on what I wanted to achieve and push me in the right direction.” Liz


“This workshop was really helpful to me in a number of different ways.  Regardless of whether you believe the principles of the Law of Attraction I found the process we went through with Catherine really useful as well as inspirational.  It was some really good ‘time out’ to help reflect on what was important to me in life, how I really wanted my life to be in the future and to give me focus.  We used really good techniques that helped create a very powerful vision, much of which has come into being since then, including my new career and my relationship. By the end of the workshop I felt inspired and excited about what was to come.” Jo


“Although I have read lots of self-help books and am familiar with the ideas behind them for achieving dreams and life-goals, I found the Making Magic workshop incredibly useful. Catherine focuses on issues specific to each individual, helping us to work towards the life we want to live by setting useful, achievable goals and taking small steps to tune in to our heart’s creative desire. I found the workshop uplifting and inspiring and came away feeling like I could achieve more of my goals by taking these small steps and utilising the simple but effective tools that were recommended by Catherine.” Kyra


“I took part in the Making Magic workshop partly out of interest and partly as a way to focus on some areas of my life. Catherine is highly motivated to offer support and is keen to find ways to help each individual find their own path.

Working in a group of women has been supportive and nurturing and the environment felt safe and caring whilst being stimulating and thought provoking.

Being encouraged to think and feel about daily life and how to potentially make it feel better has been a great experience. Small changes can have big effects and, despite many years of counselling, I have found some new ideas and ways of thinking and feeling by taking part in this Magical You workshop. Thank you Catherine” Jill