MY Services

Group Workshops – my workshops support you to organise and simplify your life in line with who you are and what’s important to you, to lay a solid foundation to create your magical life on

You can look forward to enjoying -

  • Wardrobe Workshop – a wardrobe of clothes that work for every occasion and that you feel great in
  • Home Workshop – a home that’s organised, de-cluttered and a place you can really relax in
  • Money Workshop – being in control of your money and feeling great about it
  • Time Workshop - time to do more of whatever you really love to do and be with the people you really love to be with
  • Wellbeing Workshop - feeling happier, healthier, more relaxed and more ‘you’
  • feeling great that your life is simpler, easier and more magical!

1 to 1 Coaching - Through 1 to 1 coaching I can support you to realise and receive your heart’s desires, goals and dreams

Online Shop - I have information and resources all about living life with a cherry on the top. Including -

- my step-by-step workshops to support you to organise and simplify 5 areas of your life (as I’ve described above) 

Events - I run events designed to inspire and support you to get the best out of life. Including -

- my Making Magic Workshop, it’s all about supporting you to be clear about what you really want from life and then learning some easy-to-use tools to receive it

Links to others – people and resources that have inspired and assisted me and I hope they will inspire and assist you