How do I know if Magical You is for me?

It’s for you if

  • you’re looking for a nurturing, inspiring and safe place, to explore where you’re at and where you’d like to be
  • you’re seeking clarity and focus 
  • you know what you want and don’t know how to realise and achieve it
  • you’re feeling that there must be more to life
  • you’re feeling stuck, blocked, unwell, lacking in energy and want to feel energised, inspired, enthusiastic, motivated
  • you’re wondering how to get the very best out of life
  • you’d like support to organise and simplify your life and lay a solid foundation to live your magical life
  • you truly want to realise your dreams and goals

Please also have a look at my testimonials and see what other women have said about working with me.

What are the core principles that Magical You founded on?

I founded Magical You on some core principles that are at the heart of what I do.

  • Life is like a sweet shop, full of good things to be enjoyed
  • Everyone’s life has purpose and meaning, we all have gifts to share and enjoy
  • No matter what’s going on right now, anything, and everything, is possible
  • Safe, nurturing and inspiring spaces for you to share and be supported are vital to your success

How do I book 1 to 1 coaching, or my place at a workshop or retreat?

Follow the steps on my contact page to book your 1 to 1 coaching, workshop or retreat. Alternatively, you can find books to support you through life’s challenges, in my online shop.

What if I’d like to find out a bit more before I book my 1 to 1 coaching, workshop or retreat?

As your first step, you might like to Sign up to the “Read Me” Diaires! and you’ll receive “magical messages” and “peeks into possibilities” for living life with a cherry on the top. Also, I invite you to ‘Like’ my Magical You Facebook page for even more love and inspiration.